A nearly-complete encyclopedia of underwater cryptozoological knowledge



Home of the Loch Ness Monster . . . and that pretty much says it.  No other water-going monster on the continent comes close to the level of fame enjoyed by Nessie.  Lesser known internationally are the numerous lake and sea monsters of Iceland, Sweden and Norway.  Those rocky peaks and craggy, fjord-studded coasts allow for plenty of unknown denizens of the deep.  England has its pond creatures, too, and Ireland is slowly getting the point that a local lake monster spikes tourist dollars.  Germany has a couple lake monsters, but the rest of mainland Europe has surprisingly few outside of mythology.  At least if we're talking about widely recognized monsters.  Mysterious lake creatures known only in the local province are common throughout Europe, making a romp through the countryside of anywhere from Germany to Ukraine an exciting hunt for localized monster lore.

Among the countries and regions in Europe most notable for aquatic monsters are:

England       Iceland       Ireland       Scandinavia       Scotland