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Description of how the photo was taken, from TrueAuthority.com:

Sandra Mansi of West Haven, Conn., is a woman who believes . . . who knows, she saw Champ. According to her account, she was near St. Albans sometime in 1977 when a large, brown creature surfaced about 50 yards from shore. She took one picture of the purported creature and, immediately afterwards, it dove out of sight. According to her report, a boat came less then a minute later.

Mansi was with her husband and two children when she said she saw the creature. Their photograph, widely distributed in the press, shows the animal, its head facing the other direction, looking exactly like a "prehistoric" reptile.

Sandra didn't show the picture to anyone until 1981, when friends convinced her to have it analyzed. Three experts, all specializing in rare and extinct animal life or photography, examined the picture and determined it was not a hoax. According to their analysis, it was indeed genuine.

The photograph was examined at the University of Chicago and the University of Arizona, and investigators at both schools said it showed some sort of animal life. While it was confirmed the creature in the Mansi photo was alive, its identity was not confirmed.

Taken by Dennis J. Hall on July 3, 1994 at 8:45 pm in Button Bay.