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Lancashire Monster

A man named Pat Regan has claimed to have shot a video of something strange in a Lancashire, England lake. From his article on UFODIGEST:

I am not going to say whereabouts I took this clip but it was in Lancashire, UK, at a private location south of Preston, and I was fishing all alone at the time.

The lake is mainly freshwater, yet if does has an overflow that links it to a local estuary leading to the Irish Sea. This ensures that sea water can enter the lake at times.

I have caught sea fish (flounders and eels) in this watercourse although it is mainly known for trout and coarse species, such as roach, perch, pike and tench etc.

I am extremely familiar with the lake after angling there for decades. I am just not 100% certain what this ‘creature’ was.

The water was almost freezing when the footage was taken and at this icy temperature most self-respecting fish are happily hugging the warmer bottom layers of lakes for sheer survival. Indeed trout fishing methods frequently involve pulling a sunk lure very slowly along the bottom to entice the lethargic fish to feed.

The old jetty behind the unidentified object is about 10 - 12 feet in length so that may present us with some comparative scale.

Strange things are to be discovered in the sky (UFOs) and also it seems in the waters about our frequently mysterious planet. And no – before you ask we do ‘not’ have crocodiles/alligators in this part of the world, thank goodness!

Make of it what you will – but please don’t shoot the messenger for simply bringing this one to your attention.

The man is not just some ordinary citizen--he has authored a book about UFOs, so he probably is predisposed to see monsters. But check out the video: