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Lake Norman Monster (Normie)

Lake Norman
North Carolina, United States

long and serpentine with fins and flippers
15-30 feet long

Lake Norman was created in 1967 when the Cowans Ford Hydroelectric Station dammed up the Catawba River.  Over one hundred feet deep in some areas, the lake is home to the McGuire Nuclear Plant and, some say, a strange creature known as the Lake Norman Monster, or "Normie."

Normie has been sighted by dozens of witnesses: swimmers, fishermen, campers, water-skiers and scuba divers.

Chases fast boats and often bumps up against water-skiers and swimmers.

A scuba diver reported narrowly escaping a creature with red eyes and a doglike head that chomped into one of his flippers.

A Jet skier

In June 2011, a record-setting blue catfish nearly five feet long was caught in John H. Kerr Reservoir, 150 miles northeast on the border with Virginia.