A nearly-complete encyclopedia of underwater cryptozoological knowledge


Central and South America

Steamy green jungles breathe out landscapes of mist, insects climb and anacondas slither slowly, bird and monkey calls echo from over the mountains.  Central and South America has always been a breeding ground for the strangest of freshwater monsters.  And because the rain forest flora and winding, muddy rivers hide them so well, they are the scariest.

When people think of South American water monsters, they gnerally think of Nahuelito (a serpentine lake monster) and El Cuero (translates to "the skin" - it is a sort of large skin which moves across the surface of lakes and devours those unfortunate enough to get on the wrong side of it).  Reports of water bulls are common throughout Patagonia, and of course the giant anaconda keeps you on your toes on land or in the water.

Aside from information on the more famous South American monsters like Nahuelito and El Cuero, Austin Whittall is responsible for all of the information herein pertaining to river, lake and sea monsters in Patagonia.  For several years he has kept up a blog, Patagonian Monsters, which has become a sort of encyclopedia for bizarre beasts in Patagonia.