A nearly-complete encyclopedia of underwater cryptozoological knowledge


The Guide

Feature pages
Many "feature pages" are included (all are listed here).  These pages are titled with a certain feature that appears across multiple reports (such as undulating movement or a horse-like head) and list all aquatic monsters that have said feature in the hopes of perhaps defining more clearly the species we are seeing by identifying common traits.

A note on names
Most of the names for these monsters have emerged through use over time.  Some, like Cammy (the Cameron Lake Monster) are recent inventions, and some had no official name at all.  In these cases, I have given them the most obvious name I could give them which follows the pattern of similar sightings (for example, the Daedalus Sea Serpent is named after the ship from which it was sighted; I have named other serpents sighted from ships accordingly).  Some names, like that of the Canary Elasmosaurus, imply that the animal has been identified.  It hasn't; this is again just a theory for what it was and it is so named for easy identification.
Where a monster is known by two distinct names, I list both in their respective alphabetical places.